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Health and well-being are tightly linked. That’s why many employers are finding it helpful to look beyond traditional medical benefits to address some of the challenges that effect their employee’s well-being.​

At Keyrisk we understand the unique challenges of living in our beautiful country and we have designed bespoke products that provide peace of mind and allows your employees to follow an active outdoor lifestyle.

Why be restricted by your insurer? Our products have no contractual exclusions of hazardous pursuits allowing you to be more adventurous. Our superior risk solutions promotes and supports health seeking behavior/habits with a view to improving the health and well-being of employees to the benefit of the organisation.

We support our client’s objectives through mitigation of risk that is brought about by behavioral, health and lifestyle practices of employees by including Rejuvenate Employee Assistance Program (EAP) into our offering

Keyrisk Group bennifits include an Employee Assistance Program enbeded in our product offering. This both bennifits the risk pool aswell as the employer who selects to join the risk pool.

The employer can upgrade to Rejuvinate Employee Wellness Program (EWP). There will be a marginale cost for this bennifit comming at a true value add proposition. 


Keyrisk has partnered with Mobile Fitness Solutions and the Lifesense Group of companies to provide clients with the following benefits:
  • Roof Crime Road Food Phone Benefit (Keyrisk).

  • Company Wellness Solutions (CWS).

  • Virtual Fitness Solutions (Mobile Fitness Solutions).

  • Personal Trainer (Mobile Fitness Solutions).

  • EAP-Download APP from Appstore/PlayStore.

Company Wellness Solutions

Company Wellness Solutions – The most comprehensive wellness provider in Africa. With hundreds of different options and we can provide any form of wellness across any location. If you are looking for a turnkey wellness partner, look no further.

Fitness 26

With personal training sessions, Pilatus, yoga, boxing, pole dancing, functional training, cooking videos, nutritional talks, customized training programs, 7 day eating plans and more on offer… All from beginner to intermediate to advanced, Fitness 26 is your gym on the screen. All videos filmed in Full HD.

Mobile Fitness Solutions

At Mobile Fitness Solutions, we are focused on providing Personal Training, Pilates and Yoga Services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectation. 

Rejuvenate EAP

Many ways to access.

  • USSD
  • Please Call Me
  • Toll Free
  • Web App
  • Native App
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